Tyler & Caroline - If I Didn’t Have You — Dedicated to Leighann

This is my first video in over a year so it’s not my best but I’m proud of it.  My OTP is beautiful


My computer crashed and I lost all my gifs.  Does anyone have or know where I can find the gif of Candice Accola, well Caroline, saying “he gets priority” to Stefan about Tyler.  

Steroline (Slight Klefaroline) - Carnival of Rust *My new vid*

Storyline:  Stefan becomes a ripper again with the help of Klaus.  Caroline tries to help Stefan keep control.  They begin to lust after each other and soon fall in love.

Dedicated to Tiff who converted me to this fabulous ship last December and fangirled with me all night when 4x3 aired. xD   Also dedicated to wesleyaccola who suggested this amazing song and makes awesome Steroline gif sets.  :)

Song:  Dare to Believe by Boyce Avenue

My new vid that I finished last night. xD

Quality is kinda shitty because my HD wasn’t working on Sony Vegas. :/

Storyline: Stefan and Caroline are best friends. One night Caroline loses control and in trying to stop her Stefan also feeds. They work through it together and fall in love. (Lame description bc it wrote it at 3am but it should be pretty self-explanatory I would hope)

Darker coloring - Dream state

Song: Time by Hans Zimmer
Clips: TVD

So I’ve been drowning in Steroline feels since Thursday and I am in process of making what I hope to be an epic Steroline video.  While making said video, I noticed something cute.  Caroline telling Stefan that she was going to kick the vampire hunter’s ass and the look the exchange is sort of a reference in my mind to when she told Stefan that she could handle herself back in 2x13.  That’s my totally random viewpoint of the day because Steroline has consumed my mind.

And gifs are not mine bc I can’t gif for shit so credit to the gif makers.  Can’t remember whose gif is the one on the left.  But the one of the right goes to my friend who has an epic Steroline blog here:  http://sterolineotp.tumblr.com/

My new vid — Forwood “Kissed You Goodnight”

I don’t really ship them but this song screamed 2x12 to me so I had to make it.  I hope you all enjoy. :)

AU video where Caroline is Stefan’s progeny